Sunday, March 10, 2013

I See The Light!

Dearest Readers:

Today is the one of the holiest days of the year for me. Today we get something back that they no longer have any reason to take away. For those of you unsure of what I speak of, you should consider springing your clock forward this lovely morning. Today daylight savings time will ultimately give me enough time after work to justify launching a kayak or slipping on the waders to catch a speck or two after work.

Think about this. 100 years ago 70-80% (wikipedia providing statistics here) of the American Population made its living cultivating the land. Today, it's just two to three percent. I love America's farmers, don't get me wrong. But with the advent of modern technology like, say, headlights, wouldn't it follow that outdated customs like daylight savings time would be changed? I guess there are more important things Washington should be worried about. Still, every year when I set my clock back in the fall a little part of me dies and is renewed again in March.

Hallelujah, I can see the light. A whole extra hour of it. After work. When the fish bite. Happy Day Light Savings Day Everybody!

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