Monday, June 17, 2013

First Redfish on Video!

Hey everybody!  I have shared with you recently that I received a GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition.  I have been attempting to capture enough interesting film to put together a Redfish Edit showing ya'll how we do it here in South Mississippi. 

I have gained quite a bit of respect for the guys out there who are able to mash together a solid 3 or 4 minute video and make it as kick ass as they can.  Guys like Ivan at Yukon Goes Fishing are a.) hella good fisherman, b.) talented cameramen, and c.) have the software and hardware to really put it together. Getting that shot is tough.  I feel like I'm constantly fighting short camera life, finicky fish, equipment growing pains, and struggling to really see what constitutes interesting fishing video

Today my first lucky moment of relief.  I finally caught landing a fish on video. I didn't realize my camera was off until after I hooked it but I managed to catch a couple seconds of the fight, the land, and the release.

He was a barely legal little guy.  I came around a corner and he was about 10 ft. off my starboard bow chasing bait into the reeds. I pumped the brakes on the kayak and offered my fly.  When you're that close you see everything and man it was awesome.  It really was my first fish since April.  Just Fantastic.

He really swallowed the fly. I actually had to break the line in an effort to release him alive.  At one point during the shot, it looks like I kill him.  He was playing possum, I swear. 

I'm taking the little victories here hoping that very soon, the big victories (a kickass video of my surrounded by tails) will happen.  Below won't be my best I'm certain of that. However, its a start and I'm excited.

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