Sunday, April 28, 2013


The fishing on the coast has been tough going this spring.  While we need the rain, I really think the salinity levels mess with the fish.  That coupled with a wind 10-15 knots with direction that varies everyday makes it difficult to cast and questionable whether the kayaks should be put in.  When the waves kick up, my sit on top becomes a bucket and every wave that comes over is a cold wet ass.

To couple that, my favorite launch is under construction.  Hurricane Isaac did a number on the fishing pier and one of the launch docks there and they decided that the spring would be the best time to fix it.  We anxiously check the status of this construction job on a regular basis and I've started mapping distance from an alternate launch to determine whether its really worth it to paddle and extra couple of miles to get onto our fishing spots.  This could be a great opportunity to learn some new spots is what I keep telling myself.

This spring for me has really been about learning to operate my GoPro Camera that I got for Christmas. This way when the fishing heats back up, capturing the events will be less of a chore and more of a set it and forget it type of application. When you first open this fancy new camera there are a TON of features and things you have to learn. For example, if you're using the headband to mount the camera on your head, don't forget to turn your head when things are happening. I have one video that has glimpses of my uncle catching a nice bass when I went to Augusta, GA for Easter. I'm not going to put it up cause seasickness will follow.
I went to Augusta over Easter to fish with my Uncle.  We spent a lot of time fishing for crappie.  It was just about the time they come up shallow to spawn and we were catching them in 5-8' of water.  We found them and wore them out for sure. WARNING: WE USED VERY LITTLE FLY RODS. I did catch one on a fly rod off a brush pile however, so I'm not completely a farce.  Purists, please don't forsake me.

Proof! I did use my fly rod a bit!
My uncle owns a Ranger Bass Boat which is a little more stable of a platform than a kayak and offered a great opportunity to learn about my camera. To capture everything that I want to capture, I need to invest in some more batteries. In all of this, we managed to just tear up the crappie the last day.  Below is a gem of me hooking a crappie and it spitting the hook at the camera.

I apologize in advance for the quality.  The camera had a funky lens that I didnt realize until the next day. In which I cleaned and fixed the problem. Lesson learned.

We could have limited out on Crappie, but the bass fishing was too enticing. This fishing trip has become a tradition with my Uncle. He has been a major influence on my obsession with fishing and my earliest best memories are of us on his boat fishing for Smallmouth Bass on Lake St. Clair in Michigan or ice fishing for bluegills on small lakes around where I grew up.  When he moved away from Michigan for a new job, those fishing trips stopped for several years. When I moved below the Mason Dixon in 2010, we began fishing together again when we could take the time off to make the eight hour drive.  Every time we get together we have fun, fish caught or none. If there is no fish, there is always cigars and a bottle of Woodford Reserve and always a fish story or two.  Below are some other pictures from the weekend of the 2013 Crappie Fishing  on Clarks Hill Reservoir near Augusta, Georgia.

Biggest Crappie of Weekend. Almost 3 lb.
I just downloaded some freeware video editing software so I think it is very likely that I will be putting together a long video edit of our weekend together.  Stay tuned!